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Scholarship Application

 Criteria for HRCA Scholarship Applicants

The Hampton Roads Coal Association College Scholarship will be awarded to a student who is enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate or doctorate program at an on-campus or online college or university in the upcoming academic year. The student can be a Regular Member; or a child, grandchild or dependent of a Regular or Honorary Member who is in good standing and has attended a minimum of two Association events during the previous year.

The amount of the scholarship has been determined by the Board of Directors this year as: $2,000.00.

 Application & Essay Process:

1. The student is to…
    a. access the HRCA website ( ) to download the application for completion
        and submittal, along with an industry-related essay.
    b. provide proof of intent to enroll in an accredited institution of higher learning.
    c. apply a “control number”, as the last four digits of his/her Social Security Number, to the top of the
        essay. It is to be the only identifying mark. The student’s name is not to appear on the essay.

2. The essay shall be…
    a. the determining factor in the award.
    b. of a topic examining an aspect of the coal industry (mining, transportation, use, quality, historical, etc.).
    c. 500 words or less in length, double-spaced, with footnotes and bibliography.

3. The essay and application are to be submitted via email…
    a. prior to the deadline of: midnight December 31, 2020.
    b. to the current HRCA President, Blair Priest, at:

4. A student who applied in previous years can re-apply, but only if he/she…
    a. did not receive the award previously.
    b. submits proof of a continuing college education.


 Scholarship Selection Process:              

1. The HRCA President submits all anonymous essays to an Evaluation Committee. No other identification of
    the student is provided to the Committee.

2. The Committee then notifies the President of the winning essay by its control number. The winner will be
    selected this year by: January 15, 2021. The winning and all other essays are returned to the President
    for retention for a minimum of one year.

3. The President then notifies the Executive Committee of the results of the Evaluation Committee’s selection.

4. The award is required to be returned in full by the winner to the HRCA if he/she receives a full academic
    or athletic scholarship, or if he/she fails to attend a college before the next school term commences.

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 Download the 2020 Scholarship Application here.

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